Small talk with: BASSCHAOS

 Small talk with: BASSCHAOS

How was the first half of this year for you?

Even though the year is not over yet, I can already conclude that this year was one of the strangest, a year of change and renewal, some new phase in my life. Almost everything that was important before has gone to the background. At the beginning of the year I was thinking: “What if a nuclear war will happen and we all die?” and probably the only thing I’ve started to regret about was that I did not realize myself to the fullest in terms of music, not finished many tracks. So it’s a year of big changes in my mindset, is a kick to my ass to make something I really want instead of what I need.

Where did you come from with such a big sound? Can you tell us something about you?

I was born and grew up in a small town in the far north of Russia. I listened to absolutely different music, at one time I was an avid fan of grunge, punk and metal, then I got addicted to rap music and finally I was fascinated by electronic music. I listened to everything, any electronic music I could get in Russia at that time, from Disco House to Hardcore. I dreamed of becoming a DJ, and when I graduated from school I left my native town and moved to Saint Petersburg (one of the few cities in Russia where club scene was growing and developing at the time).

I’ve got to the University there, started to work as a DJ and started to make music. My music sucked a lot, I have no any musical education and no technical understanding of how to do it and almost no ways, where I could get information, so I had no any big success with it finally, just a few totally unmentioned shitty releases.

At some point I got bored with all this and realized that I need to do something else, need to find a better job, build career, start a family and live a normal human life. So I stopped making music for a long time. But after some years I felt that I was missing something and came back to music, but more as a hobby, without big expectations. Was learning, made over 500 unfinished demos… And here I am. So that’s it, in a nutshell. Not the most interesting biography, but, unfortunately, I have no another.

Can you describe your sound?

The most important thing in music for me – is to be unusual, I want to surprise the listener, so he never knew what to expect and every new track was something he never listened before. Second important for me is to be energetic and not boring. But how it sounds in reality – better listeners decide themselves.


Your tunes are definitely hard-hittings, who are your influences and why?

Think the biggest influence comes from d’n’b genre as a whole. I remember first time I’ve heard some tech step tunes on the radio and almost all night I can’t sleep, it were tunes by Ed Rush & Optical and Bad Company I guess. I was so amazed, it was so cool, I realized that I want to make bass music, something crazy and energetic. In breakbeat music Prodigy and Chemical Brothers also influenced a lot on me. Many influences, but these are probably the most striking.



Audiogore seems a perfect match for your sound. What’s coming up from BASSCHAOS in the near future?

Nobody knows, haha, even me. May be next time it will be something chill and tender, may be it will be something that will blow your ears. Probably second, but nobody knows. Many different tunes upcoming, so stay tuned. Yes, i am really happy of being released on Audiogore, it’s ideal label for me: open for something new and experimental, instead of just making money by exploiting ideas, making similar tunes, which people heard already many times like many other labels do. What’s coming next is EP of 4 tracks called “Denial” and remix of classic “Pheex – Animality” track.

Which DAW you use and why? Any special instrument or plugin you can’t live without?

I used Reason for a long time, then moved to FL and finally get to Ableton, which I’m pretty satisfied with, it’s easy to use and have all the necessary things for me. It would be not comfortable for me to live without Serum, cause I know it well and every time I use it – can synthesize something interesting easily. But it’s just a matter of habbit, I use other synths as well and could get use to any.

I also like a lot plugins which have randomize button, CamelPhat is one of my favourite. But there is no such plugins I can’t live without, without Ableton I could not live, cause I’m just lazy to learn and get use to another DAW.

Any final words for

Listen to good music, be yourself, believe in yourself, love your family and don’t waste your time. Have a good day and all the bests!


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