Interview: REMENZ

 Interview: REMENZ


Hi Luke, the first thing to thank you for taking your time to chat with us.


When did you start making music?

I started making music or trying to back in 2000, a work buddy at the time was a Progressive House producer and gave me some software to try out. From there I got hooked on experimenting trying to make music, back in those days I was heavily into Drum and Bass.

Why do you make this style of music?

Since 2000 to the present day, I have been messing around making many genres. As a former Drum and Bass head and now I’m older I feel it’s too fast. In 2019 I started to experiment making 140BPM Drum and Bass but it was too slow for the scene, soon to realise it was perfect for the underground Breaks scene. I got so addicted to the sound I was developing and made loads of tracks that were too good just for my ears only. In 2020 I thought it’s time to set up the music label I’ve always dreamed of.

We would like to know where REMENZ comes from

Over the years I’ve had so many different names, most of them got used by other artists before I got noticed as a producer. I was nameless for a few years and about 2018 I had enough of trying to think of the perfect name for me. One day I was in the pub and said to myself ‘I’m going to pick a name from the beer menu’. That was when I came across the beer named Delirium Tremens, the name Delirium took me back to my Trance days. I looked at the word Tremens and thought I’ve got it, remove the T and swap the S for Z = ‘REMENZ’. Reading deeper into the meaning of tremens it’s a withdrawal symptom, that’s quite fitting with the feeling I get when I’m not producing music!


Have you created your own label, how has the project gone so far?

‘NEURO BREAKS COLLECTIVE’ is my label. The music released will be mainly heavy dancefloor smashers, but I do have a few nicer uplifting tracks for the label to keep things fresh for the listeners. Since setting up the label I have been signed to three big labels in the Breaks scene for the likes of ‘AUDIOGORE‘, ‘Ego Shot Recordings’ and ‘Morphosis Records’. Also, from all the noise I’ve been making I got to meet Cris ‘UNREAL’ and now we are making collabs together, as you might have seen from the ‘AUDIOGORE‘ release AGE034. Very soon I’ll be introducing ‘UNREAL’ to my label with some wicked collabs we have created. I’m feeling really proud and so glad I set up the label when I did, so many positive things have happened from it, best of all I have met some really cool like minded people in the industry that I can say are family.

What software do you use to produce?

The DAW I use is FL Studio, I have grown up with it and find it easy to use for a good workflow. Alongside that the VST’s I use are mainly Serum, NI Komplete, Viper and many more. I also use samples that are really good for drums and various sounds.


What are your main influences?

My main influences would be myself, keeping a positive head and feeling good vibes. I don’t tend to listen to music in my spare time, only my own creations when I’m in the studio producing. The reason for this is because back in the early 2000s when I used to be a Drum and Bass DJ, I was a big time vinyl junkie, but then when I was in the studio I always wanted to sound like the big producers, I could never achieve that big sound. Since cutting music out of my life for eight years or so I have discovered my sound which is very important to become an artist. ‘REMENZ’ is my influence!

You just launched in Audiogore, how has your experience been?

It feels amazing to be part of one of the biggest underground Breaks labels. In 2013 I went traveling Thailand and met an awesome German guy who gave me a load of Underground Breaks, this was before I was into the genre. The tune from the collection that got me hooked was ‘Stormtrooperz – Experiment With It’. It’s surreal how I’m now signed to the label! I’m a big believer in being in the right place at the right time.


We know that you have done several collaborations with Unreal, how has been the process of creating together?

It’s awesome to find the same like minded people, we have the same music likeness that is really good for workflow and we bounce off each other really well . I’ve been a solo producer for many years and it’s good to find someone on the same wavelength. The future’s looking good for ‘REMENZ & UNREAL’ with forthcoming releases and more collabs in the making.


How is the breaks scene in your country?

The crazy thing is I’ve only ever been to one Breaks event in my life and that was March 2022, ‘BASS PRESSURE’, Malaga. I know of a night going on in Bristol City, UK that looks pretty good ‘SOUTHSIDE BREAKS’, other than that I’m not too sure. That’s something yet to be discovered and hopefully I can DJ at some events someday in the near future.


What other producers would you like to highlight?

The  artists I think are doing something great with their sound: Unreal, Gnev, Kelle, Firestorm, Pluvio. A big shout out to my bro too, Matt ‘INNERCORE PROJECT’.


Thank you very much Luke, We are looking forward to hearing your next releases.


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