AGE041 · Collision / Human resource

 AGE041 · Collision / Human resource


Hungary is well known for its electronic roots, so it was inevitable that Kelle was moulded into a producer who was able to tap into the darker spectrums of breaks.

His sound is easy to recognize, but the influence of other styles is so significant that new tracks are always surprising with unexpected ideas.

Releasing on labels such as: AYRA / RUNE / VII / Kos.Mos.Music / Ego Shot / Bombtraxx / Kannibalen / RAM / Program / Celsius / Liquid Brilliants / E-Motion / Liquid Tones / Figura / Spinnin’ Records / Armada / Spektra Recordings, now he signs his first EP on Audiogore.

Unreal features with Kelle a dark horse with “Collision”. Another collaboration going to the top of the catalog.

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BEATPORT: 29th November 2022
RELEASE DATE: 12th December 2022

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