AGE040 · TESSERACTS · Unreal / Velorum

 AGE040 · TESSERACTS · Unreal / Velorum



Two brothers from Poland with cool masks and dope bass music are constantly developing their craft which is appreciated by a lot of listeners and other producers.

TESSERACTS are one of the most promising talents of polish bass scene. Diversity in their craft shows what they’re really capable of and what we can expect from them in the near future.

People absolutely loved their music signed on labels such as Symbiotik Records, Reinelex Music or Play Me Records, which got supported by many artists like Naski, AKOV, Screamarts or Pluvio.

Their main goal is to combine their favourite genres and show people who they really are.

Audiogore brings two new tracks from them with AGE040. “Unreal” is a category killer being featured in the most heavier breakbeat tracklists before you blink twice. Beasty!

‘Velorum’ is a horse of very different color. A brilliant tune built in a significant triplet drum beat that will blow your mind. Space shuttles, tesseracts, satellites, arpeggiators and some top classic synths are the ingredients for a dystopian musical trip so far beyond the solar system.

Great debut on the label. Fully filled with skills and sound.



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BEATPORT: 23rd September 2022
RELEASE DATE: 7th October 2022

↪ @audiogore