Bil Bless – The Life Mechanism Part 2


Hooray! Resident Austin, TX wizard of glitchy-whompy breaks, Bil Bless, just released a new album today entitled The Life Mechanism Part 2. You may know Bil better as Son of the Electric Ghost, SOTEG, The Disciple Grin, or even as Skeetaz (Bless + Kilowatts), but no matter which of his music you may have heard, we’re sure you’ll be able to enjoy this new release from him! As the mastering engineer for such artists as Bassnectar, Propa Tingz/BreakBeatBuddha, Heyoka, Ill.Gates, Eskmo/Welder, and Dieselboy, he knows a thing or two about sonic alchemy.


His productions, in our opinion, are probably some of the most concealed and unknown, yet amazing works of art out there in the genre. We highly recommend digging deep for anything you can find from this impressive artist, and donating to his cause so he can continue to grace our ears with his bewildering creations!

Bil is giving away the album for free at his Bandcamp, cop it and his other releases there or on Addictech !

*** Bil Bless edita la segunda parte de The Life Mechanism, con dedicación especial para aquellos que pasan dificultades económicas y no pueden pagar la música o bien no tienen tarjeta de crédito. Es decir, nos ofrece su música por la voluntad, o gratis. Ya saben, no la usen para fines lucrativos y a disfrutar … y si pueden contribuir con su causa para que podamos seguir disfrutando de sus creaciones pues mucho mejor !