AGE052 · NEO TRILOGY – The fallen / Outrage

 AGE052 · NEO TRILOGY – The fallen / Outrage


A Breakbeat Powerhouse. NEO TRILOGY is a dynamic and electrifying electronic music group emerged as a driving force in the world of breakbeat music. Formed by three talented individuals from different corners of the globe, KELLE from Hungary, UNREAL from Andalusia, and REMENZ from the UK, this powerhouse trio has come together to create a truly unique musical experience that combines hardness, maturity, and boundless energy.

The music of NEO TRILOGY can be best described as a harmonious fusion of mysterious and ethnic soundscapes that seem to transcend dimensions. Their compositions transport listeners to uncharted territories, where they encounter a captivating interplay of enigmatic tones with a powerful synergy over the hard breaks.

Neo Trilogy

They seamlessly weaves together elements of breakbeat pushing the boundaries of the genre and infusing it with their own unique style. The result is a compelling and immersive journey that grabs hold of the audience and refuses to let go.

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BEATPORT: 27th August 2023
RELEASE DATE: 10th September 2023

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