AGE051 · LINERO – Strongest / Divine confession

 AGE051 · LINERO – Strongest / Divine confession


LINERO presents his credentials on Audiogore with an invitation to a completely immersive experience.

With “Strongest” his work on progressions and his ability to surround us until he fully captures our senses is outstanding. Nothing can go wrong when the touch reaches this level. Certified breaks here for high states of consciousness.

“Divine confession” goes even deeper into the matter. LINERO delivers a captivating track based on mesmerizing melodic elements, a slow rhythm without unnecessary artifice deployed on the pressure of well torn bass creating a precise and extraordinary response. Keep your eyes peeled, because none of this is coincidence.

Clarity in concept and form is a master key, and pursuing freshness is law.

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BEATPORT: 7th Jul7 2023
RELEASE DATE: 21th July 2023

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