AGE050 · BASSCHAOS – Rebirth / Love is gone

 AGE050 · BASSCHAOS – Rebirth / Love is gone

Audiogore reaches 50 releases with this new installation supplied by the man who elbowed his way to destroying the label’s statistics with his skills and talent just a year ago.

That’s right, BASSCHAOS brings two new projectiles to the catalog.

“Rebirth” starts by instantly raising the energy with a precise and direct broken rhythm, setting the stage for action. High speed for the sound system delivering bass and aerial work crafting the soundtrack for the ultimate sonic race.

With “Love is gone,” we once again confront the dystopian musical fire through which he crosses and pushes boundaries of a new and exclusive doctrine.

Enjoy and let’s aim for another fifty.


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BEATPORT: 28th June 2023
RELEASE DATE: 12th July 2023

↪ @audiogore