AGE047 · KELLE – Schizophrenia [Day / Night]

 AGE047 · KELLE – Schizophrenia [Day / Night]


Audiogore proudly presents another trojan horse with AGE047 by courtesy of KELLE, one of the best talents away from the establishment creating sick breakbeats full of meaning.

“Schizophrenia” is a binary work but without oppositions, two original tracks with complementary vibrations. On one hand, “Day” decisively elevates us into a lucid and direct state of mind, keeping our entire psyche’s energy steadily focused on the target.

With “Night” the curve makes an appearance into the brain developing intoxicated atmospheres that turns us into prisoners until we give in to its demands.

KELLE enjoys high performance and his sounds are a new ray of expression in the genre, a maverick visionary transmitting on a special frequency for those who seek answers and long term solutions.

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BEATPORT: 13rd May 2023
RELEASE DATE: 27th May 2023

↪ @audiogore