AGE045 · BASSCHAOS – Anger driven

 AGE045 · BASSCHAOS – Anger driven


BASSCHAOS is an endless source creating a universe of his own where d’n’b, techno, and industrial come together with distinct original sounds to produce mind-blowing breakbeat music.

It has been less than a year since his first release on Audiogore, but he has already earned a prominent position he deserves. “Anger Driven” is the name of the 13-track album, with which he once again proves an authority within the reach of very few.

After impressing us all with his ability to break the mold with previous releases such as his last EP “Denial,” “Dig Your Own Graves,” “Rebel,” or “Mercury Rain,” he has managed to refine the concept in its greatest and definitive way, that is why is easy to recognize his signature in any of his creations.

Torn and repetitive basses, perfectly chosen distortions, landscapes, and enigmatic, enveloping details perfectly woven into broken rhythms of abundant lucidity.

He has received support from a large part of the most demanding selectors in our scene, and “Anger Driven” is the album that establishes him as one of the most remarkable breakthroughs and one to have in mind by specialists in the field.


1. Who’s there
2. Endless power
3. Delicious
4. Pig rider
5. Imperfects are rejected
6. Mama
7. Mirage
8. Touch the trigger
9. Slaughterhouse
10. U-235
11. Late night TV noise
12. Excited
13. Collider


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RELEASE DATE: 17th February 2023

↪ @audiogore