AGE044 · Vivace / Cognitive dissonance

 AGE044 · Vivace / Cognitive dissonance


Pluvio, the UK-based producer and head of Symbiotik Records is back on Audiogore bringing the heat wave with two new bangers further solidifying his place as a master of the genre’s new age.

The first track, “Vivace”, is a testament to Pluvio‘s technical proficiency and his ability to  feature big and fast drops, solid breakdowns, and masterfully crafted reeces and broken beats, creating a bomb of permanent energy and electrifying vibe. Pluvio submits us with this one throughout the track since it is not possible to guess where the hits come from!

“Cognitive Dissonance”, is another missile from Pluvio, showcasing his expertise in glitch mode. The incorporation of this secret ingredient elevates the track, making it another guaranteed resource that is sure to smash speakers in the building.

It is not often to have the feeling of witnessing the redefinition of a style in real time, but that’s exactly what’s happening as you read this.

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RELEASE DATE: 17th February 2023

↪ @audiogore