AGE038 · BASSCHAOS – Dig your own graves / Blessed

 AGE038 · BASSCHAOS – Dig your own graves / Blessed


The mysterious BASSCHAOS came in a trojan horse made of heavy stuff: brittle and surreal textures, stark tone colors and sternly syncopated beats. His latest offering is ready and is his third solo release on Audiogore.

“Dig your own graves” features a driven melodic drone bassline with low pitch vocal samples sounds that intersperse a straight drum beat throughout the track.

“Blessed” is his own branded blueprint bringing haunting vocals intercut with slashing bass frequencies and synth samples to elevate the broken rhythm energy to the most.

Armed with sardonic wit, and his special touch in every detail deployed in the mix, he is clearly intent upon perpetuating his lineage.

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BEATPORT: 1st September 2022
RELEASE DATE: 15th September 2022

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