AGE032 · BASSCHAOS – Mercury Rain / Humanity

 AGE032 · BASSCHAOS – Mercury Rain / Humanity


BASSCHAOS music is a mix of breakbeat, techno, industrial, drum’n’bass and ghost’s whispers. Inspired by the noise of engines, the smoke of factories, and the neurotic state of modern society.

With “Mecury Rain” BASSCHAOS brings an incredible amount of diversity in his sound while staying cohesive and consistent throughout. The opening on this track is straight out of a surreal landscape, but before long the horn sound alerts and metal wind ambiance give way to a truly impressive array of bass. Ready to smash the crowd.

“Humanity” is a wall of acid and powerfull rhythm for you to take note and fall deep into the pocket of the groove. Your head will bob almost reflexively as you listen to this one. We can’t wait to hear it on a big stack of Funktion Ones.

BASSCHAOS is a new face on Audiogore. The label continues cultivating a community of disruptive and pioneering artists, continually plugging and pushing serious talents into the spotlight of the genre.


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RELEASE DATE: 16th May 2022

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