AGE020 · PANTOGRAF - Drum Discharge / Timeless

Audiogore AGE020 Pantograf


Pantograf was seduced by broadly understood electronic music of the late 90’s, and is decided to show his skills as a music producer exploring genres such as IDM, Breakbeat or Ambient in an attempt to merge them together.

He truly feels the art of modern production and his production engagements have taken him to find on Audiogore the perfect suit for a hightly celebrated and recomended debut.

“Drum Discharge” kicks off with atmospheric noises that makes your heart shudder followed by complex melodic lines that fragment into a polyrhythmic extravaganza. In addition to conspicuous outlandish textures, the tune features Pantograf’s unique production style, never stale, always freshly packed with originality and weird structures.

“Timeless” follows the flow disrupting normality with synthetic bleeps and deep earth-shaking bass line that syncopated percussive patterns take center stage and move the track forward encapsulating an atomic gateway transforming itself in mesmerizing sonic frequencies.

Hard work, constancy, open-mindness and huge technical skills are the key ingredients that define Pantograf’s path to constantly pushing his sound to new heights.

Mastering: Juno | Artwork: Star Works

RELEASE DATE: 22nd August 2020

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