AGE019 · GNEV - Tunnel / M-Theory

Audiogore AGE019 Gnev

The beginning of two tracks, ‘Tunnel’ sets the pace. It’s a lumbering, heavyweight cut which draws you in amongst seismic sub bass and ominous atmospherics. It switches down the tempo Gnev is often known for and instead creeps with its intensity. Then on the flipside, you’re introduced to the more dancefloor orientated twists of ‘M-Theory’. It throws you forward with every pounding push of drums and bit by bit you’re taken along for the ride. Whilst it follows the same signature from Gnev, it also shows the full scope of his sound, pulling you in for another all-encompassing record.

Already known through his production outfit Stormtrooperz, he once again pedestals his diversity with this forthcoming release from Audiogore and it once again sets the label’s standards. Standards which will continue to make themselves felt throughout the wider industry with the calibre of releases they push out to their fans.
Mastering: Juno | Artwork: Star Works
BEATPORT: 9th July 2020
OUT NOW. Grab your copy
RELEASE DATE: 23rd July 2020

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